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Naicisports C1 VS Xiaomi Qicycle

Naicisports C1 VS Xiaomi Qicycle

1、C1: Adjustable telescope stem. The rider can adjust the height of it so as to reach a perfect position for better riding experience.

Qicycle: None-adjustable stem, so it has certain limitations on height and arm length.

2、C1: Front and rear disc brake. Shorter brake distance, better abrasive resistance, longer lifetime.

Qicycle: Drum brake. Relatively no better than disc brake.

3、C1: Classic folding structure, fold in half, easy to operate, smaller folding size. Can put two bikes into a trunk.

Qicycle: Longitudinal folding structure, hard to operate, bigger folding size. Can only put one bike into a trunk.

4、C1: Classic seatpost battery design, small in size, easy to store and carry.

Qicycle: Main tube battery design, hard to maintain, not easy to charge.

5、C1: Rear hub motor, have a better performance when starting. And it is equipped with a Shimano 7 speed gear.

Qicycle: Front hub motor, may slip when starting, especially on wet roads. Nexus 3 speed at the back.

6、C1: Seat post battery, makes the bike look more stylish.

Qicycle: Battery in main tube, makes the tube look even fatter.

C1 has got the Design Patent Certificate


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